What is Quad Biking Activity?

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground News Article - 7 January 2020
What is Quad Biking Activity?

Looking for a quad biking experience or interested to learn what it’s all about? You’ve come to the right place. At Weston Lodge, we offer a fantastic quad biking experience which makes for a perfect stag party activity or adrenaline-pumping experience with a group of your friends. In this post, we’re going to talk about what quad biking is, who it’s for and also what you can expect from it.

What is a Quad Bike?

Quad bikes are designed as all-terrain vehicles or ATV for short. The “quad” in quad bike comes from the fact it has four wheels. The tires are low-pressure tires, meaning that they can move effortlessly across rough terrains such as gravel, uneven surfaces or soft snow. They can also be referred to as off-road vehicles thanks to their prowess on unpredictable terrain.

This results in some high-octane rides out in the fields and forests that make up Weston Lodge. Our trail starts with driving in and out of poles to help you get used to quad biking and then continues around trees and into the banks of the wood. With such rough terrain, it’s crucial to have a vehicle suited for the job such as a quad bike.

Are Quad Bikes Fun?

Of course! While everything is subjective in terms of entertainment, our quad bike experiences are incredibly popular because they allow you to push our quad bikes to the limit in the ideal conditions and terrain. You can let loose on our track once you’ve learned the controls and you can show off your riding skills. Even first-time riders have plenty of fun thanks to the ease of learning to ride a quad bike and also the surprisingly fast speeds it can go. The feel of the quad bike traversing different types of terrain is fantastic, making it a thrilling experience.

Of course, it’s difficult for us to judge our own activities like this, so come down to our quad biking experiences to see how fun quad bikes are for yourself.

Who Are Quad Bikes For?

Owning a quad bike can be an expensive investment. While they aren’t particularly valuable, keeping them maintained and in good condition can be troublesome, especially if you don’t have much knowledge as a mechanic. You also need to have access to a course or some area to ride your quad bike as it’s more fun on off-road environments as opposed to tarmac and roads. While most quad bikes are designed as off-road vehicles for adults, there are a couple of child-friendly quad bikes that are available on the market. These are typically smaller and have less power, but they likely can’t be modified or repaired very well.

Since quad bikes are expected to get dirty (given the conditions that they’re made for), you also need to have a passion for taking care of your quad bike. Otherwise, the mud is going to cake on it, the wheels are going to end up feeling like mush, and it could even damage the quad bike long-term.

As such, it’s challenging to recommend quad bikes as a hobby item for someone that lives in the city or doesn’t have access to a large open area where they can ride. It’s not the most practical commuting vehicle (although it can work) so we generally don’t recommend it unless you have deep pockets.

Enjoy Quad Biking Without a Quad Bike

A fantastic way to experience the joys and thrills of quad biking without the time investment is to visit us at Weston Lodge. Our quad bikes are maintained by skilled and passionate members of staff, so you don’t need to worry about getting them dirty or cleaning them after. We’ve also built off-road tracks for our quad bikes that are designed for fun and challenge in mind. You’ll also be provided with standard safety equipment and be taught how to use your quad bike in just a few minutes. This means you have more time to get stuck in and drive your quad bike around as opposed to worrying about all of the maintenance.

It’s also a lot cheaper to go on a quad bike experience because all of your friends can join in as well. You don’t need to own a quad bike, and you can ride together in our specially-built courses. Our forest trails are breathtaking, our Kawasaki quad bikes go fast, and our instructors are always there to assist you. We even have GoPro cameras fitted to the quad bikes, meaning you can record and share your footage over the internet or keep it as a memory.

So if you’ve ever thought about quad biking or are interested in the hobby, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01275 842 225 for more questions or to reserve your spot. We support all kinds of parties and group sizes, so let us know the details, and we’d be happy to assist you.