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Some Top Tips To Help You Improve Your Quad Biking Skills

quad biking skillsAnyone who has a quad biking experience booked with their mates will, no doubt, want to show off in front of their pals. But this can be hard to do if you don’t know your quad bike from your go kart.

So here are some tips for you to improve your quad biking skills to make you look like a pro during your weekend away. 

Have the correct posture

The secret to being adept on a quad bike lies in holding the correct posture and sitting in the right position.

Firstly, you need to make sure your eyes are always looking forward, so you can be aware of any obstacles in your way. Your shoulders need to be relaxed and your head straight, with your feet on the footrests and toes spread out. 

It is important to keep your knees and elbows bent, so they don’t lock if you have to suddenly brake. 

Learn the right steering technique

To make sure you don’t tumble around corners, it is essential to maintain a good riding position. 

When you’re about to approach a bend in the road, you need to lean in that direction. Momentum will be pushing you the other way, so you have to counteract this. 

If you’re travelling on a dramatic trail with several obstacles, it is sensible to stand up. This not only enables you to enjoy the thrill of the experience, but it allows you to have a better view of what is coming up. 

Don’t forget that off-road riding will have lots of bumps, so relax your body for it to absorb the shocks without throwing you off guard.

Stand up on slopes

Not all terrain is flat, and if yours is hilly, it is important to understand how to combat those slopes. 

The trick is to stand up and lean forward, as this transfers the weight from the rear axle. If you lose momentum, as is often the case when going uphill, try to turn it around and ride it back down. 

When going downhill, stand up again but this time lean backwards, so your weight is on the rear axle. Use your rear and front bake if you need the vehicle to slow down, taking care not to apply the brakes too vigorously. 

Start off with a basic bike

It may be tempting to choose a more exciting quad bike, but if you want to master those basic skills and make it look like you know what you’re doing, it is best to start off on a basic one first. 

This will enable you to practise before learning how to use a more powerful engine, so you can improve your finesse when it comes to changing gears and operating the clutch and throttle. 

There’s no point riding a bike that can go full throttle if you keep stalling it! 

Slowly build up to a more powerful bike, making sure you book another weekend away with your mates in the future when you may be able to show off your improved skills.