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quad biking - young riderThere is simply nothing in the world that feels quite like quad biking, and riding an ATV across varied terrain is a thrill that can seldom be matched in or on any other type of vehicle.

This uniqueness is what hooks experienced riders and inspires them to keep riding, whilst it can admittedly be sometimes intimidating for people who are enjoying their first quad bike ride.

As part of an outing with experienced riders helping you every step of the way, there is little to fear, but if you want to make the most of your first trip, then here are some top tips to maximise your enjoyment.

Start Out Flat, Not Flat Out

Once you lift yourself onto the saddle of your ATV, the temptation is to make a beeline straight for the course, but before you do, it is essential to get acclimated to your ride.

Pay close attention to your instructor, learn how everything works carefully and practise for a little while on flat, predictable terrain. Even doing circles at five miles per hour is perfect practice for getting used to the controls.

This is not just for beginners either; if the quad bike is new to you, you must spend some time getting used to where all of the controls are and have a very slow test run.

As well as this, start out slowly and avoid pushing too hard on the throttle controls, as this is an easy way to end up travelling too quickly to be comfortable.

Stabilise Your Feet

Locking your feet in place on the foot pegs is essential for a safe, comfortable journey, especially if you are used to cars and karts rather than bikes, trikes and quads.

Keeping your feet in place not only physically keeps you safe but also keeps you focused on safety, which can help you maintain a comfortable riding speed over varied terrain.

Similarly, try to remain seated rather than standing.

Ask Questions

If you do not know something or would want a piece of advice repeated, feel free to ask. There are no bad questions other than the ones you leave unasked.

Whether they are instructors, enthusiast friends or more experienced riders on the trail, feel free to ask about anything you are uncertain about, as that advice could help you get the most out of your trip.

Wear Safety Equipment

All of the pictures and videos of riders on our trail are wearing not just a robust crash helmet but also gloves, knee pads, chest armour, shoulder pads, thick boots, a thick coat and suitable trousers. Quad bikes need to be respected and wearing high-quality protection is the way to do this.

This helps to give you peace of mind whilst on the trail and helps to make the trip more comfortable as a whole.

Take It Easy

Quad bikes are a great way to enjoy the land around us, so stick with the group, keep the speeds fairly slow and embrace the beauty of the nature that surrounds you on the trail.