Stag and Hen Party Ideas

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground News Article - 22 January 2020
Stag and Hen Party Ideas

Do you need inspirational ideas for your next Stag or Hen party?

If you are the best man or the maid of honour tasked with planning a fitting send-off for your best friend, you will no doubt take your mission very seriously. A lot of planning needs to go into getting the perfect stag or hen do, and there are several factors that you will need to consider. 

Firstly, you need to make sure that it is something that the stag or hen would like to do. Hopefully, you know them well enough to not make any faux-pas by booking an event that they won’t enjoy. Secondly, you will need to consider the other members of the group, some of whom you may be meeting for the first time during that day. 

Assuming you are keeping the planning secret from the stag or hen, you will need to stay in contact with the rest of the group to let them know the plans. Facebook is often a great way of doing this, as long as everyone has an account. 

Start the conversation early to work out where you are going, how you will get there, and what you will do. People may need to book time off work or make plans for childcare, so advanced warning is always helpful for everyone. 

Many couples these days opt for a joint hen and stag party. If this is what the special couple wants, why not join forces and create the ultimate event that you will all remember for years to come? 

Here are some great suggestions that will provide a great day or weekend away for all upcoming brides and grooms. 


Visit A Shooting Range

Clay pigeon shooting is a great team-building sport. If you are amongst a group of people who do not yet know each other, competing against each other to find out who is the best shot, or indeed, the worst shot, can be a fun way of breaking the ice. 

You will get taken around by an experienced member of the team who will be able to teach you all how to shoot and give you the tips that you need to do this safely and, hopefully, with some accuracy. 

A variety of different targets and traps will make the event that bit more exciting and challenging for you all, as some can be a challenge even for the best marksperson. 


Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are relatively new phenomena that have begun springing up in every town and city. In a team, you will enter an area in which you will be locked in. You will then have to work together as a team to unlock clues and work out how to escape from the room. 

These are great for all kinds of groups. If you have never met before, it gets you working together and interacting in a heightened and sometimes amusing situation. If you do know each other, the comfort levels between you may allow for some banter. Just be careful not to let any frustrations out on each other too much; after all, you can’t walk away from each other until you find your way out! 



Sometimes the most cautious drivers prove themselves to be speed-freaks. Why not enjoy a day out karting together? It is hard for anyone not to enjoy themselves once they get behind the wheel of a powerful little motor. Enjoy fast speeds, competitive banter, and maybe the odd heart-racing near collision as you belt around the track. 

You’ll get a full safety briefing along with helmets and protective clothing to wear. The more powerful karts will be fitted with roll bars and seatbelts. You will feel safe while you enjoy the thrills of the race. 


Murder Mystery Party

If you like to keep your fun a little more cerebral, then you may well enjoy a murder mystery party. This works well if you are hiring a holiday home for the weekend in which to host the stag or hen do. You can buy a murder mystery game, from which you will be able to assign all of the rest of your group characters. If you can do this ahead of the weekend, it will give people plenty of time to source costumes and perfect their accents to add to the whole drama of the experience. 

If you would like a more professional approach to the undertakings, you could hire a professional party planner who specializes in providing murder mystery nights. 


Zombie Bootcamp

If you are a fan of zombie movies or TV series’ such as ‘The Walking Dead,’ you may already have your plan formulated for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Why not put this to the test and see how the rest of the stag or hen party fare when faced with hoards of hungry zombies? 

You will be supplied with armour and weaponry in which to protect yourself inside a secret research facility filled with the great undead. 


Bubble Football

This crazy mix of football and zorbing will have you rolling around it fits of laughter. Wearing giant ‘zorb’ balls on your upper body, you will then play football. It turns out that while playing sports, you may need your arms to balance, but without the use of these, you may end up toppling over and rolling away. It’s great fun to try and get back up again to chase down the actual ball and maybe score a goal. 


Quad Biking 

Another excellent opportunity for the petrol heads and thrill-seekers to show their metal. You will start with some basic exercises to get used to the controls and how they quads handle before embarking out on a full course that will take around trees, up and down banks and hills, and across a range of terrain. 


Safety gear and full briefings will be provided, and you can enjoy the activity for the fun experience that it is, or put a bit of pace into the proceedings by opening up your throttle and speeding off.