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Quad Bikes Or Go Karts - Which One To Choose For A Stag Do?

A stag party celebrating their gokarting win.Most guys want the same thing from their stag do – a day of activities followed by a night on the town. When it comes to choosing what activity to do, go karting and quad biking regularly make it to the top of the list, as they both offer thrills and laughs in equal measure. 

This only makes choosing between the two more difficult, so here are some pros of each to help you make your decision. 

Quad biking – pros

Quad bikes are all-terrain vehicles that run on a small motor engine. The handles look much like a bike’s and they typically have four wheels. They are driven by using break and throttle controls, and they are extremely popular. 

Many enjoy going off track in these vehicles, and getting their adrenaline pumping. The thrill of pounding on the bumpy terrain in the fast-moving vehicles is one many people love, especially as they can take in the fresh air while they’re doing it. 

It is also, would you believe, a great form of exercise. In fact, it is thought that a 45-minute ride can burn more than 500 calories, which means you don’t have to feel as guilty about all that fast food consumed over the stag weekend. 

Maintaining control of the vehicle is hard work on your muscles, while operating the food pedals and handlebars simultaneously mimics the exercise you would perform on an elliptical machine. 

Going uphill further increases your heart rate, maintaining balance helps to improve your core strength, and having to remain standing over the bumpy ground as well as turning the handlebars for steering can certainly put your muscles to the test. 

Lots of people love quad biking as it forces you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, particularly if you’ve never done it before. That is why thrilling activities are really popular, as they challenge you and give you a sense of pride and accomplishment when you are able to do it. 

Being able to ride over ground you can’t take a standard car on also gives you a sense of freedom, and can boost your confidence. 

Of course, being in a beautiful setting helps, as you can take in nature, enjoy being outdoors, and soak up the views while also having the time of your life.

Go karting – pros

That’s not to say go karting isn’t another great choice for a stag do. This involves riding in an open-wheel vehicle that is powered by petrol engines. 

Being able to race your friends on the track adds a competitive element to the activity, which is why they are popular on stag dos, as friends like to see who can get the fastest score. 

Go karting is, therefore, definitely a sociable activity, particularly when doing it with a close group of friends who are able to handle gentle jeering and friendly competition. For groups that don’t know each other as well, it might be worth sticking with a sport that doesn’t have the competitive edge.

You might even get to work together in teams, meaning you have to come up with strategies. This is great at helping some of the stags’ friends get to know each other better, and provides a great bonding experience.

Like quad biking, go karting is great for adrenaline seekers. The faster you drive, the more exciting the ride is, enabling you to control how much you get out of it. For those who are more cautious on the track, they can go at their own speed. 

However, exceeding your expectations can certainly boost endorphin levels, putting everyone in a great mood for the rest of the stag weekend.