Outdoor Corporate Team Building Activities

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground News Article - 31 March 2020
Outdoor Corporate Team Building Activities

Come to Weston Lodge for your next office team building activity!


While they may well be held with good intent, corporate team-building days stuck in the office can often be quite a stale and formal affair. Days like these should be an opportunity for you to view your team in a new light, and put working relationships to the test so that your team can learn to solve problems and work together effectively. To do this well, it needs to be fun.


Weston Lodge Shooting Ground offers the perfect place for your team to get to know each other outside of the workplace. In new surroundings and competing in unique and fun activities, your team will see each other in a new way. With clay pigeon shooting, karting, and quad trekking available, there is plenty for your team to bond over.  


You’re not likely to hear any complaints from your team, either. After all, who would not enjoy a day outside away from their desk? Not only is it great as an opportunity to develop working bonds that will help your team progress in their ultimate goals, a day away from the regular grind is an excellent way of giving back to your team and raising morale. 


A Fantastic Opportunity To Assess Your Team

One of the great opportunities a day of outdoor activities at Weston Lodge Shooting Ground will provide is for you to examine the working relationships of the team as a whole. You will get to see groups interacting with each other in ways that they don’t get a chance to in the workplace. Groups that otherwise would not usually get the opportunity to interact with each other may form, and you may see the start of some fantastic team groupings emerging. 


A New Level Playing Field


Clay pigeon shooting activities offer the chance for all your team to take part in an activity that they may not have any experience with. It is a sport that does not require any specific level of fitness. It is open to all genders and abilities. Quite often, you may well be shocked at the team member who has the best aim. 


If you are a big company, there may not be much opportunity for senior management and the rest of the workforce to mingle; it is an opportunity to mix up all of your staff from all levels from the directors right down to the newest or youngest member of your organisation. But, when they are stood shoulder-to-shoulder, all attempting to master the art of shooting clay pigeons from the sky, it not long matters who the boss is, just who can shoot best. 


Quad trekking and off-road karting both offer the opportunity to test your team doing enjoyable activities and using vehicles that they won’t be used to. Usually, they will all need to learn how to use the karts and quads, and seeing how your team learns can be useful from a people management point of view. 


You Can Encourage Competitive Behaviours 

If your workplace is one that thrives on competition, activities such as clay pigeon shooting are a great way of bringing that competitive edge out. The team will be up against each other as they progress around a range of different traps. Some people will no doubt find some shots easier than others. As you move around the field, you will notice some natural competition creeping in. 


If you run a target based business, there is no better equivalent to smashing your goals than shooting a clay pigeon out of the sky and looking at how the competitive behaviour forms will undoubtedly give you plenty of food for thought when it comes to working out how to get someone motivated to shoot for their goals when they’re back at work. 


Why not offer up your prize to the team member who gets the highest score? While the kudos is always enough to keep people motivated, having something other than bragging rights to look back on is still lovely. 


Outdoor Activities Are Great For Building Communication

Communication is everything when it comes to team-work. And, where better to build that than in the great outdoors enjoying some fantastic activities? While your staff may not all be on the same team, they’ll probably engage much more with each other than they would in their natural work environment. They’ll learn more about each other and connect over things they thought they would never bond over, such as debating who the worst shot is.


There will be opportunities for your team to listen, learn, and act on the information from the experienced instructors. With specific instructions given on how to improve on their shots, taking the advice given by the experts will become key to their success. 


Laughter Brings People Together

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing your team laughing together. And with exciting activities such as karting, there is plenty of chance for your team to let their hair down and be themselves in a fun and friendly environment. 


With quad trekking and off-road karting, your team will be able to let their wild side out and enjoy the speed and energy of the vehicles and the adrenalin rush they will get. The exhilarating experience is excellent for the general happiness of all involved, and they will all no doubt leave wanting more of the same. 


A Well Run Work Trip Away Shows Appreciation

There are many reasons your staff will come to work each day. But your team’s loyalty should not go unrewarded. If they have stuck with you through stressful times and have given their best, then they deserve to be thanked. Organising an outdoor activity day at Weston Lodge Shooting Ground is a fantastic way to demonstrate your appreciation. And, the more you put into the event, the more your team will get out of it. 


A team that feels appreciated and worthwhile will be even more productive, and the positivity that you give them on their team-building day will stick with them for a long time yet to come.