Why Is Off Road Go Karting Better Than Indoor Go Karting?

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground News Article - 18 December 2018
Why Is Off Road Go Karting Better Than Indoor Go Karting?

Since many of us will be taking some well deserved time off over the festive season, now’s the perfect time to plan some fun family activities. And what could be more fun and exhilarating than a Go Karting experience? Karting gives the parents, grandparents and kids over the age of 16 an opportunity to experience the joy and thrills of high-speed racing in a completely safe and well-monitored environment.

But when it comes to Go Karting, families are met with a familiar choice… Do they go off road, or do they opt for an indoor experience? Here we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each to ascertain why an off-road karting experience makes for the ultimate thrilling experience for families with teenage kids, singles, couples, groups of friends, staff outings, stag & hen parties and… Just about anyone else!

Indoor Go Karting… The Pros

Over the dark, cold and dreary winter months, many may be drawn to the indoor karting track. And, yes, the indoor karting experience certainly has its advantages.

One of the significant benefits of indoor karting is the protection it offers from the weather. Indoor karting allows families to enjoy a karting experience virtually any day of the year regardless of weather conditions.

Although it takes some pretty extreme weather conditions ever to cancel a race, indoor karting offers an experience that’s virtually disappointment free. An indoor track will inevitably have less space than its outdoor counterparts, and as such indoor karts tend to have additional safety features to reduce the inherent risks of racing on a smaller track.

Likewise, indoor karts are solidly built with the internal mechanisms hidden away, whereas they tend to be exposed to outdoor karts.

Indoor karting makes for an altogether easier and more engaging karting experience for beginners and those who may be a little apprehensive about the prospect of karting.



Indoor Go Karting… The Cons

By the track being inside a building, an indoor circuit must by necessity be a lot smaller and run somewhat slightly slower than its outdoor equivalent. This may be frustrating to those seeking a more fast-paced and thrilling (yet still entirely safe) experience.

Moreover, smaller tracks tend to be much narrower which creates a bottlenecking effect, slowing down the pace of racing. This bottlenecking also makes overtaking extremely difficult. This can be incredibly frustrating to confident drivers who want a more competitive environment in which to demonstrate their skills.

If you’re the kind of driver who’s itching for an environment in which to test your mettle and shave seconds off your laps, you may find that an indoor track is an experience akin to being stuck in traffic.

Off Road Go Karting… The Pros

As previously stated, while an indoor track can shelter you from extreme weather, the weather has to be really extreme ever to cancel a race. Plus, any track operator worth their salt will offer you overalls, waterproofs and a helmet to keep you safe, warm, dry and cosy regardless of the weather. What’s more, an outdoor track really blows the roof off the limitations of indoor racing.

Let’s face it, when we go-karting, we want to experience the thrill, the exhilaration and the wind on our hair and our ears filled with the roar of an engine. And that’s an experience that you just can’t get on an indoor track. The slower pace and smaller lanes of an indoor track can mute the experience for many, specially seasoned drivers.

Generally, outdoor tracks are significantly bigger than indoor tracks, especially concerning width. This allows for more comfortable and safer overtaking and more competitive racing experience. With more room available for racers to manoeuvre and pass one another, there is none of the bottlenecking inherent in indoor racing, which makes for a faster and more thrilling experience than you can get in an indoor track.

Off-road tracks also offer a bumpier, more fun and more adventurous experience than you might even get on an outdoor asphalt track, making the experience even more fun and thrilling.

Off Road Go Karting… The Cons

While off-road karting has many benefits, it’s possible that it’s not for everyone. Its fast pace, competitive atmosphere and rugged terrain offer an excellent opportunity for seasoned drivers to hone their skills. Beginners or those of a nervous disposition may feel a little safer building up their confidence on an indoor track before taking to an off-road experience.

Off-road tracks tend to attract a more experienced racer who is looking for the perfect environment in which to perfect their driving technique while also having an enjoyable and exhilarating time. Absolute novices may feel a little out of their depth alongside these hardened thrillseekers. However…

Why Go Off-Road?

While there are indeed some advantages to the indoor experience, in theory, we aim to make off-road karting an enjoyable and rewarding activity for everyone. From the experienced adrenaline junkie looking for a place to shave milliseconds off their laps to the absolute beginner who has never sat behind the wheel of a Go-Kart before. We work hard to eliminate the potential cons of an off-road Go Karting experience leaving you with nothing but the pros.

You’ll get the fun, thrills and excitement of racing around our spacious off-road track, without experiencing the frustrating bottlenecking that you’d get in a smaller, more narrow indoor track.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting experience that everyone can enjoy… There’s really no comparison!

Why choose Weston Lodge?

If you’re searching for the ultimate Go Karting experience, it merely has to be Weston Lodge. Our 600m off-road track is twice the length of a standard circuit, and every driver gets 4-5 laps each giving you a whole lot more racing experience at an incredibly reasonable £40 per person.

It’s a twisting, turning, bumping, jolting thrilling experience that we don’t think can be matched by any other circuit in the UK! You can enjoy your Go Karting experience safe in the knowledge that you are fully protected in a complete roll cage. What’s more, we always ensure that full safety harness and protective clothing overalls and waterproofs and helmets are provided for you.

For the ultimate Go karting experience in Bristol and the South West book your race with us today!