How to always win at Go-kart Racing

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground News Article - 9 December 2019
How to always win at Go-kart Racing

Want to master the art of being a winner at Go-Kart Racing?


There are few weekend activities more exhilarating than speeding around an off-road track in a four-wheeled Go Kart.


A lot of people get involved with races like this, with little to no experience required to have some fun, and plenty of willing competitors to chase. Of course, though, this can all be a lot more exciting if you’re geared up to win.


Sounds easy, right?


Wrong. Anyone can hit the track and enjoy themselves in a Go-Kart, but consistently hitting the top spot will be a much more significant challenge. And winning at Go-Kart racing is something we’re going to be helping you with.


By exploring the ins and outs of expert Go-Kart racing, we’re going to give you a head start in your next race. But, remember; practice will always be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal.


Let’s dive right in.


Know The Track & Kart

Every race track in the world is different. While each track shares a small range of qualities, the way you race on each of the tracks you come up against will have a dramatic effect on your chances of winning. The way your vehicle will interact with the route your on is crucial when you’re looking for victory.

This makes it well worth learning about both the track and the kart you’ll be exposed to in any given race. Not only will this prepare you for any surprises along the way, but it will also give you the chance to plan for your win.

The Track: Learning a race track requires some exposure, whether this is in the form of racing on it or only looking at it from a distance. You need to form a mental map of the circuit, ensuring that you know where each corner, hill, and obstacle is waiting for you, to get an idea of how quickly you can take it on.

The Kart: Getting to know a kart can be a little trickier, and you will need to use it quite extensively to feel entirely at home in it. Having a good idea of how effective the brakes are, how well it can corner, and the speeds it can reach will always be an advantage.

Mastering The Corners

Corners are one of the hardest parts of any racing circuit, and those who can master them can shave seconds off of their track times.

The Right Line: Each corner is different, but they all share something in common; the perfect line. If you approach each corner at just the right angle, you can minimise the amount you have to turn and slow down, and this will make them much faster.

Avoid The Lean: It can feel natural to lean when you approach a corner during go-kart racing. It’s much better to get comfortable, relax, and move where the kart wants you to. Leaning will upset the centre of gravity for your kart, changing the way it reacts to your control.

Keeping Your Speed Up

Hitting the track for the first time is sure to give you an adrenaline high, but this doesn’t make it easy to keep yourself moving quickly. You should never stop in a race, and should always be working to keep your speed up at a safe limit. A lot of people find themselves worrying about going quickly, but this is something which you can efficiently work through.

Karting Safety At Speed: Understanding kart safety will play a large roll in this. Instructors will be happy to talk to you about how fast to approach each corner and can provide hints and tips which will give you more control over your kart.

Overtake Without Hesitation

Overtaking is a vital part of racing, and just about everyone on the track will have to give it a try if they want to win. Corners provide an excellent opportunity to overtake, but you’ll always need to look for someone to make a wrong turn.

Overtaking Safely: Safety is paramount when you’re passing someone on an off-road track. You should never make contact with the competitor’s go-kart, and you should avoid putting yourself in a position to get hit. The best go-kart racers will always look to take advantage of someone else’s mistakes, rather than taking risks which could result in danger.

Develop The Right Mindset

The attitude you take to the track is fundamental to your success when you go kart racing. This is something which people ignore all too often, but you have the benefit of thinking ahead, and this means that you can approach this properly.

Confidence: Confidence is crucial in just about everything you do, from work to spending time with friends. The confidence you need while racing is no different, with those who know that they can win having an edge against those who are worried about their chances of success. You can improve your confidence by preparing ahead of any race.

Determination: Success in any competition requires commitment. Knowing you can win is one thing, but genuinely wanting to win will often separate the mice from the men. The best go-kart racers in the world have all had to work extremely hard to build their skills and reach the top. Those with the most robust determination can even go on to sports like Formula 1.

Sense: Going to the track should always be a fun and exciting experience, but you can’t let this side of the race get out of control. Keeping a clear head, focusing on the race ahead of you, and putting time into learning the track will all work towards improving your sense while you’re competing.

There are few activities out there which offer the experience you can get from go-kart racing. Even if you don’t come in first, you’re still going to have a lot of fun, and this makes it all worth it when you’re with friends.


That said, we’re sure you’ve got your next race in the bag.