How Much Does Go-Karting Cost?

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground News Article - 2 December 2019
How Much Does Go-Karting Cost?

How much does go-karting cost?

There’s no doubt that go-karting is one of the best weekend activities available to the masses. Thousands of people engage in this activity every day, and it is one of the most popular outdoor sports across the globe.

Despite this, a lot of people assume that getting involved with go-karting will cost a small fortune. This common misconception is easy to clear, with the options you have to get involved with kart racing showing just how affordable this sport can be. Most people can spare enough to have track time now and then.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the options below to give yourself an idea of the go karting costs you’ll have to pay to take part.

Personal Go Karting

There are a lot of tracks around the UK which will happily accept drivers with their karts. Whether you want to ride off-road, on paved trails, or even cross country, you’ll be able to find something which meets all of your needs. There are plenty of stores out there which can supply you with everything you need to get out on the track.

The Cost of Personal Go-Karting

The cost which comes with personal go-karting is quite high. To start, you will need to get your hands on a go-kart, and this will be one of the priciest parts. The secondhand market is packed to the brim with good deals, but you can still expect to pay upwards of £400 for an indoor electric go-kart. If you want something which will be able to go off-road, you should expect to spend quite a bit more, with options like a new Renegade GK170 demanding more than £1200.

Along with the cost of the kart, you also need to consider the price of equipment, like helmets, boots, and safety clothing. You will need fuel for your kart and somewhere to store it, and you will also need a place to drive it. You can go to a venue for this, though many charges upwards of £40 per driver for a full day on the track.

Of course, you could always consider buying your track, though this will involve paying for the land, the road, and any other costs which come with a project like this. 

Assuming you skip a couple of weeks, there are 50 weekends available throughout the year. If you went for a day on the track for each of these, you’d pay over £2000, ultimately making the first year of personal go-karting cost you more than £3200 for those who want a new go-kart.


The Pros & Cons of Personal Go-Karting

There are benefits to buying your go-kart, but there are also some downsides. Exploring both of these areas will give you a much better idea of whether or not this route is the one for you.


The Pros:


  • Flexibility: Owning your kart will make it possible to go for a spin whenever you feel like it.


  • Experience: You will get to know the kart you use all the time, ultimately giving you a better chance of success while on the track.


  • Choice: Having a go-kart means that you won’t be limited to the options your local centres have available, allowing you to drive whatever you like.


The Cons:


  • Getting Friends Involved: While you may be happy to spend money on a go-kart, your friends might not, and this can make it hard to use this as a social activity.

  • Affordability: Not only do you have to make an initial investment into your kart, but you also have to keep paying to keep it maintained.

  • Ease: It’s not easy to transport, store, or look after a go-kart, and this can take up a lot of the time you’d like to spend racing.


Go Karting At A Centre

Many of the tracks you find will also be willing to lend you everything you need to start racing, including the kart itself. Go-karting at a centre is the most popular option out there, with both casual thrill-seekers and true kart enthusiasts choosing to go down this route. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding people to help you with this.


The Cost of Go-Karting at a Centre

Go-karting costs are usually much lower when you choose to have your fun at a centre. Here at Weston Lodge Shooting Ground, we pride ourselves on providing the best prices for those who want to get out onto the track. A day of karting will cost £40 per person, and this includes all of the racing you could need to satisfy your friends.

We provide all of the equipment you need, along with having a team of go-kart experts on hand to help you if you have any problems. You can even get discounts if you decide to try one of our other activities at the same time.

In the same scenario, we looked at for personal go-karting, you’d only pay £2000 for a whole year of weekends on the track. This is far cheaper than owning your kart, especially if you buy one who ends up needing a lot of mechanical work done to it.


The Pros & Cons of Go-Karting at a Centre

It’s hard to find downsides to using a karting centre, and we’re always encouraging people to give it a try. If you need more persuasion, though, we’ve prepared some more reasons for you to try this out below.


The Pros:


  • Affordability: Anyone can afford a day or two at the track when they don’t have to buy their kart for it.

  • Flexibility: Using someone else’s karts gives you the option to try loads of different locations and tracks.

  • Expert Advice: Most of the centres in the UK have experts waiting to answer questions and give you a hand when you need it.


The Cons:


  • Seasonal: Most go-karting tracks have to close during winter, and this means that you won’t be able to kart during these times.

  • Kart Choice: You will be limited to the karts each centre has on offer, making it hard to choose what you want to drive.


We believe that go-karting especially in Bristol at Weston Lodge Shooting Ground is a great activity for anyone. But, as you can see, going to a centre is usually much cheaper, and you don’t have to pay for these savings with compromises. You can have fun, race your friends, and call it a day whenever you want.