Our Shooting Traps


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Stand 1: Rabbit Stand

Special simulated rabbit clay going from right to left, propelled on a rubber mat watch out for the clay to hop. 2nd stand 1 just a bit faster and shooting down on a bank.You must keep the gun swinging!!!

Stand 2: Landing Duck

Clay propelled from in front of you and landing 40 feet in front of the stand.

Probably the easiest of all the shots. 3rd stand identical to this stand.

Stand 3: Rising Teal

This clay is sent vertical in front of you, you are stood 15 foot beneath the trap as you are in the wood shooting up a bank with the trap on top the bank. You need patience to shoot this clay as it is easiest to hit it when it stops at the top.

All the clays are the biggest you can buy and are sent from our automatic traps. Your instructor will give you tuition around the layout to get you to hit them.

Stand 4: Going Away

The trap is a few feet in front of you and it sends the clay away from you at speed. You have to move the gun and touch the clay with the sight on the end of the gun and pull the trigger all in a couple of seconds!!! The 2nd shot is identical to this shot.

Stand 5: High Tower

The clay is propelled towards you from a 50 foot tower high over the top of the trees, it goes over your head at speed, probably the hardest shot of all as you have to catch it up and get in front of the clay and then pull the trigger and keep swinging!!. 2nd shot is identical to this description. Do well on this stand and you could go home with a medal for highest score on the layout for your group.


Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Full Gun Tuition Given
  • Medal Presentation
  • One on One Sessions
  • Shoot from 5 Different Stands
  • Groups up to 40 people
  • Covered Stands Against Weather
  • Picturesque Woodland Setting
  • 12 & 20 Bore Competition Guns
£45per person